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Rent a bike

Behind the Beach Bike Rentals

They offer surprisingly many models of rental bikes, comfortable or sporty. There is always a suitable transport.

- Largest range of quality bikes

- The latest equipment perfectly maintained

- Best value for money

Rent a bike, an E-bike, Fatbike, Ebero E-step or a real Vespa scooter.

Bike rental from €6,- a day

        Haltestraat 51, 2042 LL Zandvoort

Explore Zandvoort and its beautiful surroundings on a unique bike, through the dunes of Zandvoort and enjoy a nice drink on a nice terrace during a break.


Cycling along the coast you will discover the beautiful nature around Zandvoort.


Choose the beautiful route around the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes or cycle through National Park Zuid-Kennemerland on beautiful paved bike paths.

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